Roku Customer Service

Roku is one of the leading streaming players in the United States and one of the best ways to access TV channels in the United States and with this users can also watch those channels that can never hear. It also provides features to access the content of the internet without any difficulty. If you missed any latest episode of your favorite TV shows and missed any live match then you can connect the media anytime in your Roku tv to watch it. Due to its advanced features and services many customers encounter a various type of trouble, if you got any error or issues in accessing or activating Roku through and need professional help and assistance then you can contact our Roku customer service team through our toll-free Roku phone number.

Roku provides more than 600 internet and entertainment channels like sports, cartoons, music, movies and, news and lifestyle. Most of the channels in Roku are free but some of them need a subscription which will be managed through Roku. Roku uses your WiFi network to stream content on Roku TV, that’s why it is called a digital video player. In this digital era where everyone uses the internet all the time, Roku support finds a bridge to bring TV and internet together. Roku has a strong support network, unlike newer companies that hide or not display them at all.

Get 24/7 Roku customer support by dialing our Roku toll-free support number +1-844-573-0162. Our professional executives are ready to help you 24*7 with full support and information regarding your issues.

What is Roku & how does it work?

Roku is developed an American company Roku Inc which is situated in Los Gatos, California. Roku is an audio video streaming device which is beautifully manufactured like a USB stick that is connected into Roku TV and stream live TV programs & high definition content over the Internet. New Roku device has 4K video spilling capacity, Roku OS 7 and a remote.

Roku device plays or stream data through wired or Wi-Fi ( Wireless) connection and display the content with the help of audio, video, or an HDMI cable. As we all know every electronic device has some problems so that same as other devices Roku also has some issues such as internet connection, Account setup, transferring data etc. In these situations, you need assistance which will be provided by Roku customer service help center by dialing our Roku contact number.

Roku is the online streaming player which is the easily accessible, supportive and best way to sit in front of the television. Basically, Roku device needs to connect with your TV, interface with the web, Set up the Roku and then start surfing the channels and TV shows. Dial Roku support number or phone number +1-844-573-0162 to get assistance or help from our best independent Roku professional.

How Does Roku Work

Roku streaming players are the most reliable and entertaining approach to watch your favorite shows and sit in front of the television. Basically, a Roku device should connect to your television and then connects to the internet through a wired or a wireless connection. After that set up your Roku account and start streaming your top choices. After the connection of the internet with your TV you can download the content from the internet and transfer it to your TV with the help of Audio and Video composite cable or an HDMI cable.

Roku device also allows changing the channel, switch the channel, increase or decrease the volume and much more due to the operating system and its own programming. Roku Remote also allows you to schedule recordings, Pause a video or live show and also resume it where you left it last time. If you face any kind of issues in accessing these services of Roku device and Roku Remote then Roku Customer Service Support center is step away from you. You can call on the Roku customer care Phone Number +1-844-573-0162 and also contact to Roku help and support center via Email, Chat or Phone line.

Roku technical support center is the best  24/7 support service provider which resolve all the issues and queries related to Roku devices. Account activation, device setup, connection error with TV, playback problems, Wireless network setup and reliability or any other technical issues with any Roku device or models, Roku tv are resolved via our team of professionals by dialing our toll-free Roku customer support phone number.

Awesome features of Roku Products

  • Channels of Latest international Tv shows or original movies like Amazon Video, Netflix, NOW TV, Rakuten TV, Sky Store, and Google Play
  • Various Music channels such as iHeartRadio, Pandora, NPR music, YouTube, Box Plus, Deezer, VEVO, and TuneIn
  • Also available free channels without any subscription to watch like Crackle, HBO Go, TV Player, YouTube, Hulu, BBC Sports, Sky News, and Red Bull TV
  • It also has an Instant Replay feature through which you can hear any line repeatedly
  • Voice Feature allows you to perform voice search for searching streaming channels
  • Roku device is very simple, convenient and easily accessible

Note: Roku also provides apps that are compatible with iOS or Android which will be downloaded from the particular app store.

Create Roku account through

For activating Roku device through first you need to create Roku account, To easily create Roku account follow these step by step process.

  • First, type in your favorite browser
  • After that click on sign up button
  • After clicking on the sign up enter necessary details(First name, last name, password)
  • After filling necessary details finally click on create account button

How to set up and activate a Roku device through

  • Choose a language and select your country with the help of Roku remote
  • Connect your Roku device to your network and the internet
  • After internet connection wait some time for your Roku player to download the latest software
  • Set the display type by performing these actions with remote settings> display type
  • Create a Roku account and activate Roku player
  • Use HDMI cable to connect and set up your other devices
  • Setup the antenna tv input

If you are thinking that there is a problem occurred while setting up Roku Device & in the Activation process then you must have to contact Roku customer care centre by dialing our Roku technical support phone number. Our team of experts providing 100% satisfaction and service delivery to our customers with all possible ways.

Different Types of Roku devices

Roku provides various devices which range from $29.99 to $99.99 and are the easiest and most convenient way to watch TV. The most expensive device of Roku is Roku Express and Express+ which provides services like 4K UHD and 1080p Full HD streaming.

  • The Roku Ultra 4660
  • Roku Streaming Stick Plus 3810

To know more about these Roku devices you can contact our Roku tech support team through our toll-free Roku phone number.

Common Queries solved by our Roku support

Managing Roku channels

  • How to access favorite movies, TV shows and more from Roku Channel Store
  • How to add channels to the Roku streaming device
  • How to move channels from Roku Channel Store to Roku streaming device
  • How to remove channels from Roku streaming device
  • How can I add a non-certified channel to my Roku streaming device

If you got any error or issues in managing Roku channel from these and need professional help or assistance then immediately contact our Roku experts, they will help you in managing Roku channel in a simple step by step manner.

Finding movies and TV shows

  • How to find free movies and TV shows in the Roku device
  • How can I get movies and TV shows by using Roku Search
  • How to use voice search to perform search and control your Roku streaming device
  • How can I follow my favourite shows using My Feed
  • How to find 4K and 4K HDR movies and TV shows in the Roku device

If you have trouble  in finding TV or movies and need professional help or assistance, then immediately contact our Roku support for help.

Exploring Roku features

  • How to use Roku Media Player to stream music, videos, and photos
  • How to cast apps such as YouTube or Netflix via my phone to my TV
  • How to enable closed captioning
  • How to increase memory with the help of a micro SD card
  • How to use Hotel & Dorm Connect to the internet

Personalizing your Roku

  • How can I adjust the look by choosing a theme of the Roku interface
  • How can I change the screensaver on any Roku streaming device
  • How to rename any Roku streaming device
  • Does Roku provide parental controls
  • How to configure the clock setting

Roku mobile app

  • How to install the Roku mobile app on any phone
  • How can I control the Roku streaming device by using Roku mobile app
  • How to use headphones for private listening on any mobile device
  • How can I use screen mirroring with your Android or Windows device
  • How to display photos, videos, and songs on the TV screen by using Play on Roku

Account, billing, and orders

Setting up your Roku account

  • What is a Roku account
  • How to create a Roku account
  • How to keep secure a Roku account
  • How do I add a Roku streaming device to my Roku account
  • How to rename a Roku streaming device
  • How to remove a Roku streaming device from any Roku account
  • How to close a Roku account

Managing your channel subscriptions

  • How to cancel or manage a channel subscription
  • How to subscribe again if a channel subscription did not renew

Changing email or password

  • How to change an email address or password for the Roku account
  • If I forgot my email address or password how to access my Roku account again
  • How to create a strong and secure password for my Roku account

Updating payment method

  • For my Roku account how to update the payment method
  • Why is the payment method needed at the time of creating a Roku account
  • If Roku streaming device is lost or stolen then how to remove the payment method?

Updating your account PIN (personal identification number)

  • How to update or create a PIN for Roku account?
  • Why was a purchase or transaction allowed without my Roku account PIN

Inquiring about a charge

  • How can I view my purchase history
  • What to do if there is a charge deducted that I do not recognize


  • How to know more about data privacy
  • How to unsubscribe from Roku promotional emails
  • Why promotional code for Roku special offer not work

Setup and Troubleshooting

Setting up your Roku streaming player

  • How to set up your Roku Express device
  • How to set up my Roku Streaming Stick device
  • How to set up my Roku Streaming Stick+ device
  • How do I set up your Roku streaming player (any model or device)
  • How do I set up your Roku streaming player for 4K quality
  • How do I set up a Roku streaming player for 4K HDR Quality
  • How do I attach Roku Express using the adhesive strip
  • How do I set up a Roku streaming player for surround sound
  • How do I change the type of display on the Roku streaming player
  • How to match the native format of each movie, video or TV show by changing the display refresh rate

Activating your Roku

  • How do I activate or link the Roku streaming device
  • When activating or linking Roku streaming device, how to resolve an issue occurred

Setting up remote

  • How to set up the Roku Enhanced Remote to control the TV
  • Which type of remote control will be used for the Roku streaming device

Wireless network setup and reliability

  • How to search the wireless network name and password
  • How to connect a Roku device to the home network and internet connection
  • How to improve the wireless connection to the Roku streaming device
  • How to check the connection to the home network and the internet
  • What to do if I cannot connect to my home network or the internet
  • How to fix if Error Code 011 occurs
  • How to fix if you see the “Low signal strength” message appeared

Solving setup issues

  • How to fix if I cannot see the video from Roku streaming device on TV
  • How to fix if I do not hear the audio from the Roku streaming device
  • How to fix if my Roku streaming device will not power on
  • How to fix if my Roku streaming player is unable to update software
  • How to fix if the red light is flashing or I see a “low-power” warning
  • How to fix if the red light is on or I see a warning “Your device is overheating”

Solving remote issues

  • How to fix if  Roku enhanced “point-anywhere” remote
  • How to fix if my Roku Enhanced Remote not controlling volume and power on TV
  • How to fix problems with my Roku IR (infrared) remote
  • How to fix if button presses on the remote not always recognized by my Roku Express device

Solving playback issues

  • How to resolve channel playback issues
  • How to fix if channels no longer available on Roku streaming device
  • How to fix if I see an “HDCP Error Detected” message or a purple screen
  • Why it is HDCP 2.2 necessary for playing 4K or 4K HDR content
  • Why it is 4K at 60fps necessary to playing 4K content
  • Why it is 4K at 60fps necessary to playing HDR content
  • How to fix if you cannot stream Netflix 4K content
  • How to fix if TV switches to a different device when trying to use my Roku streaming player

Miscellaneous support

  • How to fix if Roku streaming device restarts every time when I turn on my TV
  • How to fix if the red light appeared on my Roku streaming player
  • What safety precautions should be taken for the Roku streaming device
  • Can I power on or off my Roku streaming player
  • How to update the software on my Roku streaming device
  • How to fix if screensaver on my Roku® streaming player changes
  • How to fix if Roku streaming player does not recognize my external USB drive
  • Can I control my Roku streaming device by using an app
  • How to fix if Roku mobile app does not see my Roku streaming device
  • How to fix if problems occur with private listening

Content partners

  • How to fix if I do not find Spotify in the Roku Channel Store

Warranty and returns

  • How to perform the factory reset on the Roku streaming device
  • How to fix if Roku streaming player is lost or stolen
  • What to do if Roku streaming player limited warranty and End User License Agreement

Other issues

  • How to fix Netflix Startup Sound in Roku device
  • How to fix if Shout Factory TV Channel stopped working
  • How to fix if Loss of Multi-Channel audio on Premier + 4630R after 9 updates
  • How to fix if HDR Not working
  • How to fix if DirecTV Credentials Lost on Power Loss
  • How to fix if Lost Internet in Ultra
  • How to do if I want to delete watched Shows on Netflix
  • How to fix if Roku Streaming Stick keeps giving me HDCP error
  • How to fix if Roku Ultra remote doing double click
  • What to do if Screen corruption occurs on all channels
  • What to do if Trouble occurs playing video with Seagate app
  • What to do if YouTube videos flashing/flickering on Roku Express
  • What to do if the Audio sync issue occurs when watching Amazon Prime
  • What to do if Roku communication on TCP port 2350
  • What to do if HDMI ARC handshake issues occur
  • What to do if TCL/Roku Remote becomes unresponsive
  • What to do if Sling TV last week’s episode not showing
  • What to do if only Roku logo appearing on screen but nothing else happens
  • What to do if No Volume Leveling on Roku TV OS 9
  • What to do if Wifi bandwidth issues occur on 5GHz band
  • What to do if youtube won’t show full display with older tv
  • What to do if Roku’s YouTube videos have very low audio volumes from a month old TCL HDTV (28S305)
  • What to do if Month old TCL HDTV’s Roku YouTube app kept going back to home screen
  • How to Reducing buffering by changing your Roku’s bitrate
  • How to fix Roku audio sync issues
  • How to fix if Roku won’t connect to iPhone XR hotspot
  • How to fix if No rear sound on youtube
  • How to fix if No Longer Turns the TV on/off but can perform all other operations
  • How to fix if no Dolby 5.1 on Streaming Stick +
  • How to fix if YouTube Channel Stopped Working on TCL Roku TV
  • How to fix if Connection Error occurs “Please reconnect to the Internet” and Grey Screen occur
  • How to fix if the screen mirror does not happen from Windows 10 laptop to Roku Streaming Stick+
  • How to fix if Streaming from plex server buffering issues occur
  • How to fix if Roku Stop From Changing Display Type
  • How to fix if Wireless speakers keep disconnecting and reconnecting
  • How to do settings to open channel or recognize USB drive on boot
  • How to fix if Bring back the Aquarium Screensaver
  • How to fix if Roku won’t connect to Nokia 7.1 hotspot
  • How to fix if Roku not playing EAC 5.1 audio
  • How to fix if Roku 3 remote won’t stop blinking
  • How to fix if Unable to access Netflix
  • How to fix if Roku TV connects to WiFI but can’t play anything
  • How to fix if Issue occurs playing audio from USB Roku Media Player
  • How to fix if Volume Leveling causes Audio Sync issues
  • How to fix if Can’t find Roku channel
  • How to fix if the Blank screen occurs with audio after boot
  • How to fix if Roku User Interface Change Coming?
  • How to fix if Wifi won’t connect after the power outage
  • What to do if Some YouTube Videos play Green Screen
  • What to do if Login/activate device issues with HULU app occur
  • What to do if the YouTube app exits a live stream on its own
  • What to do if Roku no longer plays video files from Netgear attached USB
  • What to do if Roku Express does not work with 5GHz wireless
  • What to do if Network Issues with Insignia Roku TV occurs
  • What to do if TCL Roku TV loses wifi connection and then can’t find any wifi networks
  • What to do if Roku Ultra Audio Track Does Not Change When Selection is Changed on Options Menu
  • How to fix if Screen Mirroring Android Phone Has Stopped Working
  • How to fix if Premiere+ refuses to sync at 4K with our Sony TV
  • How to fix if Some apps (mainly Hulu) have skipping/lagging video problem
  • How to fix if Amazon Prime Video not working on TCL Roku TV
  • How to fix if Insignia Roku TV suddenly can’t stay connected to wifi for more than a few minutes
  • How to fix if the video is repeated again during play
  • How to fix if Different devices sharing the same channels menu

Tips for Roku Streaming device user

Steps to easily get Roku link code
  • To get the link code of Roku, first of all, you have to use a cable to make a network between Roku player and Television(TV)
  • Switch on the Roku set-top box
  • Check the LED light of the Roku player and batteries of remote to confirm that the Roku player and the remote are getting proper supply
  • Press the button from the remote to activate the Roku player device
  • Select your language and connect the device to a fast network connection
  • After that, you can get the Roku Link Code on your television screen
  • Then copy or write down the activation code of Roku
How to set up Antennas to your device?
  • Connect your cable to the HDTV antenna
  • Then select the antenna TV
  • If you are unable to find the TV antenna, then go to the ‘Setting’ option and choose the TV antenna
  • After finishing these steps, follow the on-screen instruction
Set up your device to enjoy the surround sound feature
  • Press the ‘Home’ button.
  • Then try to select the ‘Audio setting’ from the device.
  • Or you can apply the below steps to enjoy the surround sound feature.
  • Connect the device to the television set using the HDMI cable.
  • And connect the same through an AVR (Advanced Virtual RISC).
  • Then use the HDMI cable for the output using of AVR.
Steps to reset the Roku remote and Roku device:
  • Switch off the power and separate all the cords from the Roku device and remove the batteries from the Roku remote.
  • Wait for some time and reconnect all the cable cords in the Roku device and insert the batteries in the Roku remote.
  • Again turn on the power.
  • After seeing the Roku in the home screen re-pair the remote with your Roku device.
Requirements for the Roku account setup
  • Streaming player of Roku
  • Television (TV) to set up the Roku account
  • Mobile or computer device
  • Fast network connection
  • Payment Credential (through online)
Method to screen keyboard
  • The screen keyboard is the new advanced feature for streaming searches.
  • You can get additional information while you searching for anything in the Screen code.
  • Whenever you try the first letter in the Screen code, it automatically represents the related results.
  • Your channel can appear in your newsfeed with the latest updates after adding the channel in the screen code.
Method to customize the home screen
  • Select the ‘Hold’ button from the Remote Screen.
  • After selecting the ‘Hold’ button you can try to move your selected channel up and down from the programme list.
  • Go to the ‘Setting’ menu through the Remote Screen.
  • And remove the ‘channel store location’ from the ‘Setting’ menu.
Steps for setting up your Roku device with your TV:
  • At first, attach your television through the HDMI cable or power cords.
  • Attach the one endpoint of the HDMI cable into the Roku Streaming Device and another one in the TV’s HDMI port.
  • Give a power supply connection to the Roku streaming device and switch on the device.
  • Now you can see the symbol of Roku on your TV display which indicates the successful startup of your Roku device.
  • Then you will get a notification to select the language of the Roku system.
  • Choose the ‘OK’ button from the Roku remote control, go to the ‘Drop-down’ menu and select a language.

Why dial our toll-free Roku phone number +1-844-573-0162

Did you encounter any problem with the Roku device? Did you irritated with any flaws which don’t resolve? Do not have to worry. Our Roku always focuses on 100% customer satisfaction and provide instant support service. They always ensure that you receive the best Roku services and highest possible video quality. As we all know technology made by humans and it is considered as machines so problems do come with machines.

As it may also occur some problems with Roku devices but our team of experts are here to help you by fixing all kind of issues with Roku player, Roku TV, Roku Express, Roku Express+ or any other model of Roku. You just need to dial the toll-free number of Roku +1-844-573-0162 for Roku Customer Support.

Benefits of dialing our Roku contact number

There is a list of some important features of our Roku customer service team, that can force you to dial our Roku customer service number.

  • Customers can get instant or immediate help to fix any kind or Roku issue
  • Customers can get assistance at an affordable price
  • Not require any subscription or membership charges to get assistance
  • Our experts easily activate Roku device through Roku com Link
  • Our experts help users to easily set up and activate Roku device
  • Our Roku experts respond quickly to every customer call

How to contact Roku customer service or support

Official Roku customer service and support team take too much time in responding, and commonly does not respond quickly. If you have any kind of trouble in activating Roku device through or trouble managing Roku account information and need experts assistance or help, then immediately contact our Roku support through Roku support number +1-844-573-0162. Our independent Roku professional is here 24*7 or 365 days ready to provide help and support related Roku or Roku activation. Customers can also contact our Roku service and support through live chat and email.