Apple is one of the popular brands in the United States and they design and develop various types of premium products.  It was founded by Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne, Steve Wozniak in 1976 or it’s headquarter is situated in Cupertino, California, United States. Apple was also famous for its mobile technology which makes them a second largest manufacturer in the world. But due to complex technologies or advance features, many customers or Apple users confront various types of errors or issues while using Apple products. If you are an Apple user or found any kind of error or issues in using Apple products, then look out all these contact details of official Apple customer service or support.

Apple devices are the most popular because these are very reliable, secure and handy. It provides lots of products and services such as high-security Cell phones, Laptops, Ipads and Macbook which is accessible to everyone. But sometimes people may face some issues regarding their devices. Different types of problems and issues have occurred when using these apple products.

To resolve these issues people search and asks for apple customer service phone number and want to get the optimal answers to their queries. We are providing you the contact details to reach Apple customer support service representatives who help you to resolve your issues regarding all Apple devices like iPhone, MacBook, iMac, iPads, etc.

Apple Customer Service

Apple is the most popular brand all over the world as it provides unique features for every device and are very reliable, secure and handy. While using these devices users may face various issues and look out for the Apple support. Apple provides support to its customers using Apple Customer Service. This service is available for all the products developed by Apple to resolve all of the customer’s issues. Apple Customer support executives use innovative and creative ways to resolve the issues occurred in all the apple devices. Apple Customer Care services provide solutions for all the queries so that their customers feel great. In case, any problems or issues faced by users regarding any product of apple can easily connect to the Apple Customer Support Number using these contact details.

Apple Official Support Number for All locations

If you have any query related to your device use this list of Apple phone numbers around the world. Keep your serial number with you before dialing. Apple Phone Number only work when it is dialed from the correct country and if your country or region is listed here then see support options.

LocationPhone Number
United States1-800-275-2273
Canada (English)1-800-263-3394
Canada (French)1-800-263-3394
Austria0800 220325
Belgium (French)0800 80 404
Belgium (Flemish)0800 80 407
Bulgaria00800 6002 7753
Croatia0800 222 427
Cyprus800 92433
Czech Republic800 700527
Estonia8000 044333
Finland0800 96372
France (Metropolitain)0805 540 003
France (DOM-TOM)0825 77 00 35
Germany0800 6645 451
Greece021 0300 9960 (local), 00800 4414 5417
Hungary06 80 983 435
Ireland1800 804 062
Latvia800 03251
Liechtenstein0800 00 1853
Lithuania(8-800) 30772
Luxembourg800 24550
Malta800 62072
Netherlands0800 0201581
Norway240 55133
Poland00800 4411875
Romania0800 400138
Russia8 800 555 6734
Slovakia0800 178661
Slovenia0800 80321
Sweden020 100 529
Switzerland (French)0800 00 1853
Switzerland (German)0800 00 1853
United Kingdom0800 107 6285
Egypt0800 000 0888
South Africa0800 444 426
Australia(61) 1-300-321-456
China mainland400-666-8800
Fiji(61) 1-300-321-456
Hong Kong (Chinese)(852) 2112-0099
Hong Kong (English)(852) 2112-0099
India000800 1009009
Within Japan0120-27753-5
Outside Japan(81) 3-6365-4705
Macau(853) 6262-1631
Malaysia1-800 803 638
New Zealand0800 1 27753
Pakistan00800 01001, 800 361 0479
Papua New Guinea(61) 1-300-321-456
Philippines1-800-1441-0234, 1-800-8908-8277
Within Singapore800-186-1087
Outside Singapore(65) 6972-5171
South Korea080 333 4000
Within Thailand1800 019 900
Tonga(61) 1-300-321-456
Vanuatu(61) 1-300-321-456
Vietnam1800 1127

Israel1809344329, 33762915
Lebanon01 426 801, 8552789177
Saudi Arabia800844 9724, 800850 0032
United Arab Emirates8000 444 0407

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How to Contact Apple

Sales and Product Queries

Get Apple Online Store

Apple official website is the best place to purchase an apple product and accessories. Users can purchase online from Apple official website and chat or call Apple Phone Number 800–692–7753 between 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. (Central time) on all days of the week. Customers can also get details and track their order by visiting Order Status page if you have placed an order on the Apple Online Store. If you want, you can also avail the services of making changes in the order by phone at 800–692–7753 in central timing. 

Find an Apple Retail Stores

Get Apple Retail Stores all over the country and enjoy the digital lifestyle. You can get the details of various stores, contact details and store hours located all over the world.

Financing Service for You, Your Business, or Your School

Apple also offers Apple Financial Services in which apple financing their products for users, educational institutions, and businesses. Visit Apple Financial Services page to get more information or to know more about financing talk to your Apple representative. 

Search Apple Consultants

You can also find an Apple consultant in the U.S. or Canada. Apple consultant are trained professional and helps to provide key solutions of every issues regarding Apple and third-party technologies. 

How to Buy for Business

If you want to shop products for your business then visit the Apple Store for Business. You can also call on toll free number of Apple Store 1–800–854–3680 for Business for Corporate and Government Sales. Apple team of professionals of Apple Store for Business are always available to help you select the correct products, compare app and choose the best financing options which fits in your pocket. 

Get Apple Authorized Resellers

You can find Apple Authorized Resellers by using Apple Reseller Locator.These Resellers provides solutions of all products issues and multi-platform services for various organizations. 

North American Corporate Contact Details

United States
Apple Media Helpline(408) 974–2042
Apple Software Upgrade Center(888) 840–8433
Reseller Referral (Resellers, Trainers, Consultants)(800) 538–9696
Apple Store (Consumer and Education Individuals)800–692–7753
Apple Store (Consumer and Education Individuals)001–800–692–7753
Apple Store (Small Business)001–800–692–7753

Product and Services Support

Contact Apple Support

Do you want an apple service or support? Submit a query request online and then Apple Representatives find the solutions of your query. You can also get help more ways such as:

  • Call on worldwide support telephone numbers
  • Contact a mobile carrier
  • Find an Apple Retail Store and get help
  • Get Beat Support at (800) 442–4000 (U.S.)

If you can’t hear or see means having hearing or vision loss then call (877) 204–3930. You will directly connected to Apple representatives who are trained professionals and provides help. Apple representatives using accessibility services to provide support to its handicapped customers. Apple Provides 3 months Online technical support after purchasing it. 

Browse Online Support

You can also get help, quick answers, and manuals on the Apple Support Communities. Get tips from experts and apple customers in the Apple Communities.

Lost or Stolen Apple Products

If your apple device has been stolen and it has Find My iPhone and Find My Mac apps enabled then you can find your phone location. To find your phone first contact your local law-enforcement agency and report about your phone. You can also get a list of serial numbers in your Apple ID. Find your phone by using Find My iPhone for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or Apple Watch.


If you have legal queries related to suspected product, privacy or intellectual property infringement then visit Contact Legal. Then choose from one of the topics which is related to your query and then report about it.

If you are an apple user and facing issues with your apple device or product then dial Apple Support Phone Number.  They resolve all your queries related to Apple products in a creative and innovative way.