Top 20 Best Chrome Extension For Gmail

The chrome extension combination of two words chrome + extension. This is the most commonly used in Gmail and provided by Google. An extension is the small software program to the used number of users to customized and browsing experience for Gmail.

On the other hand, Chrome means to perform functionality and behavior individual need of users and preference of the customer. Chrome extension is the most popular software to provided by Google. They are built on Web-based technologies like as java script, PHP, CSS and HTML languages etc.

Are you using chrome extension yes or no? If No then you have no idea of missing this extension. Chrome extension is the powerful features to built on Gmail. Some extension it more secure and personal. Google makes chrome extension for Gmail while these account using the number of users and all world used.

Chrome is store number of extension while using for Gmail account or experience. But chrome extension you don’t need for it. Mainly some chrome extension to use the number of users. The extension to use is not a wasting of time, it is time-saving and easily download or fast processing system. It has provided the number of extra features to chrome extension for used Gmail account.

Top 20 chrome extension is carried out:

1.Replay option button for Gmail:

If you have receive number of messages from related any topics and business information or any other activity then you can reply all messages through replay extension. It is built on the chrome of Gmail. First of all, you can check your Gmail inbox then seen any messages and after you can press the reply button or send your side messages.

2.Checker plus extension to built on Gmail:

This extension is the more powerful and provides the number of extra features like desktop notification, color coding messages, voice messages and written messages etc. Checker plus extension is awesome and the number of the user used any one option to reply the messages, other users. This extension is purely unlocking and provide extra features.

3.The drop box for Gmail:

This extension is store number of files and folders, important information etc. It is used for synchronization between two devices and communication between two users, to sharing important information and messages etc. This extension in which files and folder send through Gmail to integrating drop box. Click the drop box button and select the files then send it.

4.Open inbox then ready for Gmail:

If you can share any important messages and information then this information to send through email. First of all, you can open your Gmail inbox then type your messages and give address then send. Gmail inbox literally hides all messages. You have shown any messages then click those messages then show your inbox.

5.Just not sorry define in inbox messages:

You have not used negative impression or negative language used your email inbox messages. If you have not used phrase words like “I am really very sorry”, “I am not an expert”,”I am not sure “ etc. These all words are not used to send any messages or information to another person.

6.Simple Gmail notes:

This extension mostly available chrome and Firefox etc. Simple Gmail notes you do just have Gmail messages. But they are only for you to see not for the other person to see your simple Gmail note. All the important notes stored in Google drive associated with the Gmail account. So you can have any important messages to stores or save in Google drive through Gmail account.

7.Rename Email:

Sometimes your things to make enjoy to start converting your friend and family members with the fake name. You can not show your original name then you have to bring rename option. You can easily change your name and subject to your messages according to chrome extension.

 8.Gmail offline:

This chrome extension most widely used for the number of users go through Gmail account. You can access your mail and respond to them or you can search any query or keyword to archive online. This extension to run at startup synchronization to all mail for offline usages. That is a way this chrome extension is more popular as compared to another one.

9.Secure mail:

This extension mainly handles to Gmail because you lets encrypt or decrypt emails. First of all, you can select send to secure email then you can add your password for Gmail account, and send your messages.These extension used to symmetric position to receive email he/she then tries to open your email account.

10.Cloudy for Gmail:

This extension only used for attaching files and folder to upload via through internet facility. Gmail attach your files to Google drives or connect your PC. You can one time send 25 MB data. If you can cross this limit to send big data then it can produce a problem at a time. The cloudy extension can solve this problem and attach you each and every file with Dropbox or another source.

11.Action for Gmail:

This chrome extension is very simple rather than another one. Action for Gmail can check your Gmail inbox then you have decided to see message archive, delete, mark it read or unread, spam etc. Put these option to click the right button then see the messages.

12.Auto text expander:

Gmail has a built on the number of features called canned response. This extension can create text snippets and auto insert through a message. Auto text expander can insert link any editing field in the browser for any email to insert the link, not an only Gmail.

13. Discoverly:

You can not sure who just emailed you? Discoverly is the main chrome extension to does a deeply to drive into a help of social media like as a Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln or Instagram etc.These social media to help them to tell you about the sender.

14. Gmelius:

This extension to provide free and paid premium plan. Gmelius to used improve about Gmail interface. This extension is used embrace the business side and enhancing its extension with advanced features like as email tracking, scheduling messages to send later, email templates etc. These features are used mostly, but some limit.

15. Dittach:

If you can share any important information with one or other person through files and folders then you can attach files. After sending attachment files to Dittach because sometimes internet connection is very poor or break a connection wires etc. Attachment files easily sent or receive, forward, print and share all of them.

16. Digify:

It checks your Gmail storage then to send Completely files and folders with large size. Digify to control the complete attachment files and folders to send you and send to another user to your can send any files and folders within check time of limit because some Unsend or reclaim attachment can be sent within a time. The time is over then not send files and folders.

17.Flow crypt:

This extension mekes quick and easy to encrypt your messages and send it through PGP encryption. PGP is the pretty good privacy policy. Flow crypt button to click then you can interface with another user and secure your personal messages etc. If the receive PGP key then no matter to your important messages to see other users and person.

18.Mail track:

It is the free tracking chrome extension to always see if your messages have been seen. Mail track is the longer platform to perform a beneficial activity and promises exactly that. Any users seen your messages then just look for double green check mark then read the text messages.  Click the messages and you will read how to see your messages for a long time and was it. If you can delete Mail track and you can go history and delete daily report etc.

19.Attachment icon:

This symbol to indicate users can send files and folder like as PDF file, PPT files, Images, Link etc.Attachment files can be more useful they lot of fill more email day by day.This chrome extension mostly to use outside of the mail inbox. So you have already the idea to send which icon attachment files and folders etc.

20. Rapportive:

It can indicate this extension to bring your detail and Gmail contacts in a sidebar of your window. When you can click the sidebar button then start your conversation. To promote your conversation that time it can show your pictures, LinkedIn profile and other detail of users your job and company, mutual connection of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn )with same email Id etc. You will be able to connect different account to your sidebar tool.