How to change Gmail password using an Android device

Do you know how to change Gmail password? And why it is necessary when we have already set up a password? Here is the best way to know how to do it. And we tried to best for you know that so just read patience fully.

You want to change your password on your Android device. Firstly you know the old password then after you tried to change the password.

Why do we need to change Gmail password?

This is very important to change Gmail password whenever someone hacks your password and tried to miss use your emails, personal details, images and much more.

It is a very harmful effect for all those people who always store their important document like related to housing document, financial document, official documentary and other file’s password so on.

These things are stored privately and whenever this document is hacked by other. That is really affected on that person who have suffered. No one can read emails and related updates that’s why we need to change the password. So just be careful and stay out of danger.

Follow these steps to change Gmail password in Android phone.

1. Open your Gmail app on Android phone.

2. Scroll down and click setting option.

  • When you press on setting option here the setting page will open. The general setting and your Gmail account which you create, this both will show. You need to open your email address this will show your Gmail Account detail or Google Account.

3. On the Google’s service tap My Account.

  • When you are using Samsung device, go to the settings menu tap applications and scroll down and tap the Google in a section of “Google settings”.
  • If you are having any difficulty with finding Google services menu, you can also use google my account website and do follow this process repeat

 4. Tap on sign-in security.

  • When you tap My Account there will three categories are shown as:
    1. Sign-in & security 
    2. Personal info & privacy
    3. Account preferences
  • For changing the password you need to click on Sign-in & security.

5. Tap on the password.


  • Go through the password because we need to change the password and we tried well to get a new password.  

6. Type your current password quick.

  • Make sure you don’t forget your current password. And then type your current password without any mistake and go to next step.

7. Type a valid new password.

  • Make a strong Gmail password must be included alphabets, numeric and symbols and make a mix up these things. It is case sensitive so carefully type and don’t try to type other personal details like pet name or birthdays.
  • Tap the Eye button to view the password clearly and learn it.

8. For confirmation, type your new confirm password again.

9. Click change password.

10. Then sign on your device with a new password.

  • These steps follow correctly then you find your destination in the easy and simple way. When you cover these steps then you want to sign out.


Yes, this one is the best way to know how to change Gmail password using an Android device. If you read carefully than you can try and then perform. When you follow our steps one by one and apply very well, I am sure you obviously change Gmail password. We hope you understand well and tried now.

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