How to make a Facebook group

Facebook group is the best way for people, with a  common interest, post story, advice or who are the member same club, society, community to communicate with other members. I am also Add a group for Hobbies likes photography, story, other posts to see in the group but for local thing like Technology and I am work in a related topic.

From the Desktop version of Facebook, Click on the top right of your screen select the top option then create the Facebook group. On mobile click the menu top of the right side, click the group option and manage all points to again create Groups.

Next step you give a Facebook group name and add other members or communicate and select the privacy setting. They are following some step to make a Facebook group Process and completely fill all the information.

Make a Facebook group | Follow all the instruction to make

1. Find “ADD GROUP”

Go to the Homepage on Facebook go to the search group section and click on the left side menu or select the Groups option.

2. Click “Create group”

You will be taken to a page that displays the option to click on create a group as well as showing some points.

  • Your Groups
  • Pending Invites
  • Manage your groups
  • Favorites

3. Name your group

First thing you give the Group name and My Facebook Groups Name is Bike Ryder.

This group name can be whatever you want and you can change it later but try to make a Facebook group name memorable and Searchable to any people easily find it.

4. Add Member

Actually at least the 1 member required for your Facebook groups otherwise if you do not add 1 member then you get the error message below.

5. Choose your Privacy Setting.

Obviously, the most important choice you make while creating your group. As there are provide some limits to changing the road.

If you have 5000 more than members own Facebook group you will be able to change the setting as you fit it.

Otherwise your group’s growth 5000 more then members, you can only change an open group to close or secret and a close group to a secret.

6. Click Create

After you select the privacy setting and click the create button you seen the previous image or change the image of own  Groups.

7. Add your cover image

Facebook will now you not provide to add for your header or cover image option. Keep in mind your dimension for a cover photo are very unique on your personal and business pages.

8. Complete Regarding section

You’re regarding section most of 2 Reasons

  • Prospective member gives an idea what your group regarding.
  • You can see the display for any rules regarding the groups.

9. Edit group setting

Next step you want to edit the group setting

You clicking on the more tab and click on Edit group setting

Once on the edit page you can change the some option

All items you can change

  • Group name
  • Group Type
  • Description
  • Tags
  • Location
  • Linked Pages
  • Privacy Setting
  • Change the group’s address
  • Approval Membership
  • Change your Description
  • Post approval

Your group process is completed and Go to your Facebook groups and let see the shared story and communicate known and unknown person and some interesting post to advise all groups members. To share your post on a different community of Facebook groups in social media.

To know more dial our Facebook support number 1-800-974-3597.

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