Facebook Customer Service

Facebook Customer Service

Are you searching for a social networking website that can help you to connect with your family friend or loved once then Facebook is the best? It is one of the leading as well as the best social networking website that helps their users to stay socially active or connected with loved once. Now in the United States or its subcontinents or around the whole world, it is one of the most loved and top-rated social networking websites. And with it you can share your photo, video and you can like or comment on images or video of friends as well as you can easily chat with friends through messager. But due to its complicated design and structure or due to lack of technical knowledge you may face various kind of difficulty such as unable to log in or access Facebook account, Forgot password, Facebook password recovery issues, Facebook password reset issues unable to upload photo or video and any other. If you have any kind of error or issues in using Facebook and its services and searching for a Facebook help and support and not know How to contact Facebook support? Then don’t worry you can contact our third-party 24/7 Facebook support through our toll-free Facebook customer service number or Facebook support number.

Get assistance for Facebook related help through our toll-free Facebook contact number 1-800-974-3597.

Our independent Facebook professionals have many year experiences or enough skills to eliminate, resolve or fix any kind of trouble or issues related to Facebook and its services. And our professionals are here 24/7 active to fix any kind of Facebook-related error or issues, so you can dial our toll-free Facebook helpline number anytime for any kind of assistance. So don’t panic if you get any error or issues while using Facebook, immediately get assistance from our Facebook tech support. Here are our highly trained or educated Facebook support team will listen to your every query and analyze those trouble, track exact causes of that problem and fix them with a relevant solution.

Important features of Facebook:

Facebook has various advance and attractive features and these features are regularly improving to provide the best experience to customers. There is a list of some important features of Facebook that help peoples to easily share their interesting or important movement of life with friends.

  • Photos:  This popular feature is launched in October 2005. In Facebook users can share their best images or best movement of life with family friends or society.
  • News feeds: It shows the latest stories as per user preferences and every time shows new stories with a collection of photo video or links.
  • Like button: It is an important feature of Facebook that show the reaction of the users
  • Facebook messenger:  Help users in easily send and receive text messages make a video call
  • Relationship status: This feature help users to easily determine a girl or boy is recently single or in an open relationship.
  • Turn off push notification: It helps users to easily turn off facebook push notification
  • Social plugins: It helps users to comment on various sites
  • Timeline: In this new content or stories are flowing smoothly
  • Event: It helps users to know about friends social life(such as birthday, anniversary and many other events of life).

If you have any kind of difficulty in using or accessing these features or any other, then don’t waste your time directly dial our toll-free Facebook phone number. Here are our dedicated technicians help you in resolving these issues very easily.

Issues resolved by our Facebook customer support

If you use Facebook for social intersection, then you may Face various type of issues, there is a list of some common troubles or issues that you may Face while using Facebook or Facebook mobile or desktop app.

  • Problems in access Facebook account such as login or sign up issues
  • unable to recover forgotten Facebook password
  • Facebook loading problem
  • Unable to upload a Facebook photo, video
  • Unable to update photos to Facebook albums
  • Receiving unwanted or vulgar messages from an unknown person
  • receiving an unwanted message with vulgar content
  • unable to manage Facebook privacy setting
  • Facebook games loading issues]
  • Unable to change the Facebook profile pic, cover photo as well as feeds
  • Unable to block Facebook friends or users
  • An issue in tagging friends on Facebook
  • Error or issue in creating a Facebook fan page
  • Unable to manage Facebook account notification
  • Facebook page not responding issue
  • Unable to share a link on Facebook
  • Difficulty in using Facebook app or app crashing automatically

If you got any error or issues from these or want to get a perfect solution but unable to fix then instantly contact our Facebook customer service our experts will help you in getting a perfect solution of these problems.

List of some Hidden features of Facebook:

  • Facebook messenger schedule at anytime
  • Users can customize Facebook status settings to allow who can view their profile
  • Create remainder for a special event
  • Download your friends creating albums only single click
  • In Facebook, customers can create a photo album with their loved ones
  • Update your Facebook account without sign-in
  • Upload picture to Facebook from flicker
  • Interest list

While using or accessing these important features you may face various type of troubles, if you have any trouble in accessing these features then contact our experts through our Facebook support phone number to get intimidate assistance.

Reason to choose our third-party Facebook customer service number

You can contact our third-party Facebook professionals or technicians if you want to eliminate or resolve your Facebook issues. There is a list of some important features or services of our Facebook customer service team.

  • Our Facebook customer support team is 24*7 available to Facebook users
  • You can ask any type of query or question related to Facebook without hesitation
  • We have well qualified and experienced Facebook support team
  • Solve the problem with remote access if you are unable to get a solution to your Facebook problem on call
  • Provide proper assistance with 100% satisfaction as well as reliability
  • Also, fix Facebook chat issues
  • Fix Facebook games loading issues
  • Unable to Facebook notifications
  • Help customers, if they are unable to send and receive messages on messenger
  • Help users in upload photo on Facebook timeline
  • Provide support to activate as well as deactivate Facebook account
  • Provide complete knowledge about blocking or unblocking Facebook friends or peoples
  • Fix all Facebook error code
  • Help users to improve Facebook security settings
  • Quickly help customers if they are unable to tag friends on Facebook with a picture
  • Help customers if they are unable to tag their friends with a picture
  • Provide support for Facebook account recovery
  • Provides support to recover lost or forgotten Facebook account password and username
  • Help Facebook users in recovering blocked or hacked a Facebook account
  • Our experts do not take any monthly subscription or membership charges to fix Facebook troubles or provides assistance

Queries resolved by Facebook support number

How do I create a Facebook account

  • First, you need to visit https://www.facebook.com/r.php
  • Then enter essential details such as name, email, phone number,
  • password, date of birth or gender
  • Then click on create an account
  • After that confirm your Facebook account

If you have any trouble in creating an account then you can contact our Facebook support team, they will help you in creating Facebook account easily.

How do I change or reset my Facebook password

Due to many reasons, you may forget your Facebook account password if you forgot your password or want to recover then follow these simple step by step process.

  • First, go to the setting
  • after that click on security or login
  • after that click on edit next to change password
  • Then click on save changes

After following these steps if you are still unable to reset the password then directly dial our third-party Facebook helpline number to get help. Here are our Facebook password recovery or Facebook password reset support team can help you in reset Facebook password in a simple step by step manner.

How can I protect my Facebook account

Remember these important things to protect your Facebook account from various kind of security threats.

  • Never share your login information
  • log out your Facebook account from computer or laptop after use, if you share that with other people
  • not accept friend request friend request of unknown people
  • don’t use infected devices
  • Never click on suspicious links
  • Use Facebook additional security features such as an alert for unrecognized logins, to factor authentication, choose friends as trusted contacts

To know more about Facebook privacy and protection you can contact our Facebook privacy and support team, our experts help you in protecting Facebook account in a simple step by step manner.

How do I get the security code for login to Facebook

  • You can get security code through text message
  • Also get security code with a code generator
  • By saving security key on a compatible device
  • Also, approve your login attempts from a device that you already recognize
  • through printed recovery code

How do I log into my Facebook account

If you have trouble in a login then follow these simple steps, after following these steps if you are still unable to log in then dial our toll-free Facebook phone number.

  • First, you need to visit the Facebook official website
  • Then at the top of the page under email or phone number section, enter your email, phone number or facebook username
  • After that enter your facebook account password under password section
  • Then click on login to enjoy

How to add or remove saved Facebook account on a phone

Simple step by step process to add or remove Facebook from phone

  • First, go to the login screen of the Facebook app
  • Then tap on your name
  • After that click or tap on remove Facebook account

If you are still unable to remove your Facebook account from the phone, then directly dial our Facebook tech support number for Human help.

How do I create a Facebook page

  • First, you need to visit facebook.com/pages/create
  • Then choose your desired Facebook page type
  • After that fill the required information
  • Then click on Get started and follow on-screen instructions

How do I report a profile

If you want to report anyone profile, then follow these step by step process.

  • First, go to the profile that you want to report
  • Then click on give feedback or report this profile in the bottom of the right corner of the profile photo
  • Then follow the given instructions

I hope you will successfully report any suspicious profile after following these steps if you are unable to report someone profile or want to get professional help then you can contact our experts, they will help you report any suspicious profile in a simple step by step manner.

How can I promote local business on Facebook

If you want to promote your local business then you can do this through Facebook page add creation or power editor. There are simple steps to promote local business.

  • First, go to your page
  • Then click on promote in the top left corner
  • After that click on promote your business locally
  • Then provide essential details for your add
  • After that click on promote

How can I turn off notification Notifications for an event

Steps to turn off notification for an event

  • First, you need to go to the event
  • Then click on the top right menu
  • Then select notification settings
  • After that click on off to stop receiving notifications
  • Then click on done

How do I copy my profile information on Facebook

If you have trouble in download a copy of your profile information, then follow these simple step by step process.

  • First, go to the right of the Facebook page and then click on the menu
  • Then click on settings
  • After that click on your Facebook information
  • Then click on download your information or view
  • After that choose your desired format type of document
  • then click on create a file to process or download request

How can I request my personal data stored on Facebook if I don't have an active Facebook account

If you deactivated your Facebook account, and want to retrieve information of that account, then first you need to reactivate your Facebook account by a sign in to Facebook account ( by choosing log in somewhere else). After reactivating Facebook account you can access or download your personal information.

How can I remove a search from my Facebook activity log

Simple steps to remove search from Facebook activity log:

  • First, you need to open your activity log
  • Then click on more
  • After clicking on more select search history from the left Collom
  • Then on the next of the search query that you want to remove
  • Then finally click on delete

If you are still unable to delete search history, then directly contact our Facebook customer service team, they will help you in getting the best relevant solution of the problem.

How do I stop people from posting on my timeline

This is a very big problem for every Facebook users. that other people tag a post on their timeline. and you trying to stop the people who post on your timeline but they can’t stop and tag you every time.so, I will solve your problem with tagging.

Follow these easy steps that other people can’t tag you in there post.

  • Go to the drop down option that upper-right on a corner side of your page and then select the settings.
  • Then click on a left column and select the timeline and tagging option.
  • You find the option who can post on your timeline and open this option and edit to select the only me options.

If you do this no one can tag you but apart from this your friend can see your post and comment on your post .if you select the audience option.

How do I change the audience of a post I've shared on my timeline

Some Facebook user stuck on this problem because for some personal things. Now, how they can change the audience option on their own timeline.

I will solve your problem with these steps follow the steps:

  •  Go to your timeline and find your post you want to edit.
  •  Then click on the audience selector option then next date or time on your post.
  •  Your post icon will be different it’s depending on your audience settings.
  •  Then select the audience from options that appear. ( for example: public, friends, only me choose your suitable option from this)

You should know about that when you post something on other person timelines.  so, they can control your post for the audience you should be aware of this thing. To know more about post setting you can contact our experts through our toll-free Facebook customer service phone numbers

How do I add directions to my event or a map of my event's location

If you have some difficulty in your event location. And you want to add directions into your event or map on your event location. So, I will give you some tips to do this in the easiest way and solve your problem.

  • Firstly, A person who wants to add direction on the event or a map for an event location so, keep in your mind that you have to add your location and your address they both are valid.
  • Now, need to add and edit your location.
  • Click on event option and then enter on edit in the top right side.
  • Go to the location, you should add or edit your place or address.
  • Click on the save option.

To know more dial our toll-free Facebook support number or helpline number, our experts will guide you by accessing your device(computer, laptop or any other device) remotely with complite customer satisfaction.

How do I invite people to my Facebook event

To Invite the people on your Facebook event.suppose if you’re a host on your event, and you want to invite your close friends on this event. So, as an event host, this is your responsibility that you can choose your privacy setting. For those people who can come and join your event and you also can invite your guests to give your efforts.

  • Invite the people in private event that’s already created:
    First, go to the event option.
  • Go to the invite below the cover photo. and you can search them by their name, email or phone numbers.
  • You can invite your friends as an individual. and other option you can also filter by A groups, and their locations and the past events to go in a left menu and click then select all.
  • Then click on send.

Here, you will be inviting people on your Facebook event for these steps.

How do I invite the members of a group to an event

If you are a new member of your group and after that, your group created an event like a group event. for this group event, you have to invite the other group member and convince them to join your event. Now, I will help you to create your own group event.

  • firstly you go to your group then you will see the events option on your left side click them.
  • then click on the create event options.
  • you should fill all details related to your event then click on create.

Now your group event is ready, you are a host on this event group and your group admin also a host. So, now start the group communication to come on this event and join the group event.this all depends on another group member should they come or not. you should know about this if someone exit the group event so, they can’t be added again.

How do I send a message to my event guest list

If you have a big opportunity that you are a host of private event.and the event start on next day so, you have a big responsibility to invite every guest through the message from the guest list. I will tell you how you can send a message on your event guest list.

  • Click on your event option.
  • Click on the more option.
  • Select the message guests.
  • Select the guests on your event list and send the message.
  • Click on the enter option.

These messages are sent to your individual guest. and if you want to send every person who relates to this event you can send them a group message.

Go to the checkbox and an option will come to send as a group message click on this.

How ro change time zone for add account

If you are unable to change your Facebook add account time zone, then follow these steps.

  •  First, you need to go to the add manager
  • Then click on the menu
  • After that click on the “All tools” and after that select “Ad account settings” (If you get a message to re-enter your password, then re-enter your password)
  • After that find time zone in account information section and click on the change timezone
  • Then click on the create a new account( a default time zone is pacific standard time, so check your add account time zone is correct or not before creatine campaigns)

If you still have any query and need any assistance, then directly dial our toll-free Facebook phone number.

How do I deactivate Facebook add account

Follow these steps to deactivate Facebook add account

  • First, you need to visit Business settings
  • Then go to the add account
  • After that select the add account that you want to deactivate
  • And finally “Deactivate

If you unable deactivate and need human assistance, then directly dial our toll-free Facebook contact number.

How do I play games on Facebook messenger

  • First, you need to launch a Facebook messenger on your device
  • After that find a game icon and click on it
  • Then start playing games on your device as per your choice
  • You can also type name of the game in the search bar to play

To know more or any assistance related to Facebook game directly contact our Facebook help and support team.

How to play games on Facebook game center

Follow these simple steps to play games on Facebook game center.

  • First, you need to go to “Facebook game”
  • Then find your game that you want to play
  • After that install, if you want to play

How can I get the Facebook app for windows phone

Follow these step to get facebook app for windows phone.

  • First visit window app store in your phone
  • After that search for Facebook app
  • After that click on ” Download app”

After following these steps if you are still unable to download Facebook app for windows phone, then directly contact our Facebook tech support through our Facebook customer service toll-free number. Our technicians assist you in downloading Facebook app with simple steps.

How can I keep my Facebook account secure

There is a list of some common tips that you can follow to secure your Facebook account.

  • Never share your Facebook password to someone else
  • Not include your name and common words in Facebook and create a strong password.
  • Always check URL of the website, if you have doubt then type www.facebook.com in your favorite browser.
  • Always remember to log out from that computer that your share with other people. If you forgot to log out, then log out remotely.
  • Never forward emails from Facebook to other people, it may contain sensitive information about your account
  • Never accept a friend request of unknown people
  • Remove the suspicious application from your browser as well as keep your web browser up to date
  • Never click on suspicious links
  • Use extra security option  such as two-step verification

To know more instantly dial our toll-free Facebook helpline number.

How can I get the Facebook for Windows Desktop app

If you have a question in your mind How can I easily get windows desktop app, then follow these steps.

  • First open windows desktop app
  • Then search for Facebook windows desktop app
  • After that click on download the app

If you are not able to do this by self, then don’t worry,  directly dial our Facebook support number our experts will assist you by accessing your device through remote assistance.

How do I get messenger for windows desktop app

If you are unable to get messenger for windows app then follow these step by step process.

  • First, go to a windows app store
  • After that click on the get app

If you are unable to do this by self and need experts assistance, then you can contact our facebook tech support to get expert assistance, our experts will help you by accessing your device through remote assistance.

How do I delete conversation on Facebook

If you do not know how to delete a conversation on Facebook then follow these steps.

  • First click on message icon at the top of the page
  • After that open conversation that you want to delete
  • Then click on setting options at the top of the window
  • Then click on delete conversation

If you delete a Facebook conversation and need experts then immediately dial our Facebook support number, our experts will assist you accessing your device remotely.

How do I contact Facebook about harassment

  • Visit the profile that person you want to contact
  • Click on the 3 dot icon and click on the ‘Report’
  • After that, follow and complete the guidance form of Facebook
  • Then forward and turn over the respective page
  • Again click on the 3 dot icon and go for ‘Report Page’
  • Click ‘Options’
  • Select the ‘Report Photo/Video’ option
  • Then follow the Facebook guidance

How can I report a convicted sex offender

  • If you want to report for the convicted sex offender
  • Then go to the official site of the Facebook help center
  • Select the ‘Policies and Reporting’ tab and click on the ‘Reporting Abuse’
  • Then choose the ‘How to Report things’ option
  • After that, you can get a link for the convicted sex offender under the ‘Special Types of Reports’
  • Click on the link and go to the ‘report it to us’
  • Then fill out the form and click on the ‘Send’ option

How to add and remove an app as a admin from Facebook group

Steps to add and remove an app as an admin from the Facebook group:

To add in the group:

  • Go to your News Feed, click on the ‘Group’ option
  • Search your group from the group list
  • Click on the ‘Apps’ option and then go to the ‘Add apps’ option
  • Choose the app which you want to add in your group
  • Click on the ‘Add’ option and then ‘Done’

To remove from group:

  • Go to the News Feed, click on the ‘Groups’ option and select your group
  • Navigate to the ‘More’ option and click on the ‘Edit Group Settings’ option
  • Next, go to the ‘Apps’ and ‘Manage Apps’
  • Then click on the ‘Remove’ option and then ‘Done’
  • Select ‘Remove’ and again select the ‘Remove’ option to confirm

How to block and unblock someone from a Facebook group

To block a member:

  • Visit your News Feed and click on the ‘Group’ option to select your group
  • Select the ‘Member’ option search for the member you want to remove
  • Select the member’s name and click on the 3dot (…) icon
  • Click ‘Remove from Group’
  • Then tick on the check-box and select ‘Block Permanently’
  • Then confirm it

I hope you will satisfy after following these step by step process if you are still unable to block or unblock on Facebook then you can get get help from our experts through our toll-free Facebook customer care number, our expert will assist by accessing your device remotely.

To unblock a member:

  • Select your group from the ‘Group’ the ‘Group’ section
  • Navigate to the ‘Member’ option and click ‘Blocked’
  • Select the person name you want to unblock
  • Click on the ‘Remove Block’ option

Services provided by our Facebook tech support

Customers can contact our Facebook support or customer care, executives through our third part Facebook customer service toll-free number. And our experts provide help to Fix various type of issues, There is a list of some important services provided by our Facebook tech support.

  • Assist to create and manage Facebook account
  • Help users to easily find their friends on Facebook
  • Help users in fixing messaging error or issues
  • Provides support to manage photos and videos easily
  • Provides support to manage Facebook pages or group
  • Assist FB users to easily manage events
  • Always ready provides help for Facebook marketplace
  • 24/7 ready to fix any kind of Facebook app related trouble
  • Provides help to manage Facebook login and password
  • Provides help to easily customize and manage Facebook profile and settings
  • Help to easily change the name or any other detail on facebook
  • Help users in managing their account secure
  • Provides support if customers are unable to manage Facebook notification
  • Assist users to set up Ad preferences
  • Help users in easily downloading or accessing Facebook personal information
  • Provides support to easily deactivate or delete Facebook account
  • Assist to manage Facebook privacy
  • Assist users in reporting hacked and fake Facebook account
  • Provides support for unfriending or blocking someone on Facebook
  • Provides support to manage fake or hacked a Facebook account
  • Assist peoples in reporting a problem on Facebook
  • Help people in easily reporting a privacy violation
  • Also, assist users in managing deceased person account

You will get this type of Facebook tech support from our experts if you need help related to these or any other Facebook-related trouble then you can contact our Facebook customer care or tech support team through our toll-free Facebook phone number. Our professionals or experts will fix your every trouble in a step by step manner.

How do I contact Facebook customer service through phone numbers

An official Facebook customer service or tech support provider directly does not provide any contact number or Facebook phone number to resolve customers troubles or issues. Customers can only ask their queries in the official Facebook community (https://www.facebook.com/help/) for the solution of their problem. If you got any error or issues in using Facebook or services and features of Facebook and need experts assistance then without any delay directly contact our executives or Facebook support team through our toll-free Facebook support number  1-800-974-3597. Our experienced Facebook technical or tech support professionals are here always 24/7 or 365 days ready to fix any kind of Facebook-related error or issues. So you can dial our toll-free Facebook phone number anytime and ask any type of Facebook-related query or question without hesitation. Here you can absolutely get a solution of your every FB related trouble, our experts or executives are committed to fix every Facebook related troubles or queries of the customers with complete satisfaction. So don’t go here and there or don’t waste your time in searching solution on google directly contact our executives to get immediate attention or help, we will assist you in resolving errors in a simple step by step manner.