Gmail Common Errors and Their Solutions

Google can launch his first beta edition on 1 April 2004 and ended its testing in July 2009. The user can access open the Gmail account then phase number of Gmail error produced. Gmail is the biggest platform for sending and receiving email via internet facility then also can work third-party programs that synchronize and communicate content through IMAP or POP protocols.

Gmail is a free emailing service which is developed by Google. Now, these days there are a number of email services company like (Yahoo, Hot mail, Rediff, etc). But Gmail is one of the best emailing services in the all over the world.

The receiving emails to maximum size up to 50 megabytes. Gmail has a user’s friendly interface through internet facility, without internet you can not use your Gmail account.

But Sometimes user-facing many Gmail related common errors while using it. Now we will discuss how we can handle all technical errors regarding the Gmail account. Mainly three types of errors produced in the Gmail account. It is carried out:

1.Gmail error 500

2.Gmail error 78144

3.Would not to load Gmail account

4.Gmail 400 error

5. Server 007 Gmail error

6.Oops 76997 Gmail error

1.Gmail error 500:

This is the temporary error which produced in Gmail account. These Gmail errors generate online, most common errors messages which user encounter. Gmail errors 500 to indicate internal server error which occurs in unexpected condition. It is easily seen to Gmail inbox.


  • Clear your browser and cache memory in your Gmail account. Press Ctrl+ shift+ Delete
  • You can restart your computer and safe mode which disable all add.
  • You can check your internet connection and wire connection.

2.Gmail error 78144:

This types of Gmail error can occur to delete all files and folders in Gmail account. This errors mostly occurs in getting Gmail report. Error 78144 is very bad for many users to face this errors to open Gmail account. This types of errors resolve with the easy solution. some points to carry out:


  •  It is the automatically recovers trash all files and folders in under 30 days. There is no need to delete your messages one by one. Unknown messages automatically deleted.
  • If you want a customer support for this errors and you can delete some files and folder or extra messages and audio, the video then you can call your Gmail customer support number.
  • Gmail will provide help for every type of errors and how to resolve this errors with the easy solution.

3. Gmail won’t load:

Gmail error does not load a fastly loading page Because this is the most common problem in Gmail account but it occur temporarily. Once you fix them it will never occur.


  • Check your internet connection:

Your network connection might be weak, crack or temporarily prohibiting all Gmail features from loading completely. Most of the time user using all the features correctly.

  • Check your compatibility of internet browser:

Whenever you are facing this, first of all, check your browser is compatible or not. Sometimes we are using the old version of the browser(Firefox, Safari, Opera, Mozilla, etc). And Update your browser latest version to fix the problems.

  • Check firewall and internet security:

Check security application also responsible for this kind of problem and also playing an important role in Gmail for work properly, like avg, Avira, quick heal etc, go to the setting and check all feature are enable or disabled properly and refresh again.

 4.Gmail 400 error:

This type of errors occur to send the bad request and invalid to headers the messages. Gmail 400 error occurs to send the email to any other person you have passing over the Gmail. You can enter the only Gmail account address then send an email. This type of email in which send only email address not a send any information or other messages.


  • You have sent an email then check your correct email address or filling the complete address.
  • You can send any information then you attach file and folder your Google drive.
  • Check your internet connection and wired connection.

5.Gmail 007 errors:

This is a server error. It shows the status of your error is failed or your process is failed then check your internet connection or wire connection. Otherwise, it is found coding errors. if any code is the missed then you’re all document files are lost or crash.


  • Initial stage you need to hit your computer and desktop and right disk to choose properties.
  • After a hit, the software disk then cleans up. This process will take a few minutes.
  • Under disk is cleanup then after all files are deleted or you do not need to system place.
  • Last step to need the hit then OK button press.

6.Gmail 76997 error:

It defines the “Oops” error and occurs in the server error. In this, your email was not sent. This errors in which you can one messages to two or more people at the one time, sending one by one with email is received all people at the same time.


  • Most of you can clear your browser and cache memory.
  • Update your browser from time to time and find errors and problems.
  • Check your browser for the installed extension on the chrome and restart your computer.
  • If it still does not work then re-install your browser.