Gmail Feature Provide New Tricks For Daily Life

 Gmail is the world’s leading email service provider and provide email services through a software platform. It is a free web-based email service provided by Google like as send and receive email through the internet and other Gmail feature. It was established on April 1st, 2004. Gmail is accessible from a web browser at any time and anywhere, only you need to present internet connection in your device.

Gmail is the automatically marker to mark important messages and advertising. It is a more flexible platform and helps to any conversation, messages, and advertising etc. Gmail to used as a hangout purpose to communicate one person to another person through the medium, and send a video, text messages, audio, sticker, important information as a drive or folder you can send it.

 Some features to provide Google with Gmail

Gmail is the biggest and powerful platform to perform many functions and productivity with enhanced features. These Gmail features are more important to our user’s life. If you use a Gmail feature then some tricks and important function to used daily life.These functions and tricks carried out:

1.Mute conversation:

If you meet another businessman with B2B mailing processing but you had unsubscribed to the list. Use this processing is called a mute conversation. If you can not share any information related business or not leak your business functionality then this situation you can called mute conversation.

 2.Video chat Feature:

Google provides the new feature for Gmail users is video chat. If you can travel long drive, to see the wonderful place, to see hill place and other places then you stay connect with family and other friends with video call option. This is the more attractive features for users to use a Gmail account.

 3.Voices messages Feature:

If you use a Gmail account than it has provided Google voice message, to get email notification and messages transcript. While you have not feel good for write text messages then you can send or receive voice messages from one person to another person and any group or organization.

 4.Update calendar feature for Gmail account:

This is the most important features provided to the users. The calendar used as a remember function to display on the below of screen. Google is providing the calendar to display your email inbox. If you have to meet other person and fix meeting or appointment than you can use this gmail secret.

 5.Multiple accounts used in one Gmail feature:

Any users to create more than two accounts for the single phone number. If you had created more accounts then logged in to more than one g-mail account at the same time. There is no need to one account is logged out than open another account. Mainly some users to use more than one account for business purpose or sharing important information from one place to another place.

 6.Hangout feature with your Gmail account:

In these days hangout is the biggest platform for web-based. Hangout mostly to used for communication to cover a long distance through internet facility etc. If you want to start the conversation with friends and family members or another person then click the hangout button in the lower left corner of the inbox to open the web screen.

Click the name of a person to invite hangout and start the conversation. But you have to communicate only invite users or person with share your ideas and important information, this information not a share of uninvited person.

 7.Google to send large file and folder attachments features:

You can save all important information regarding your business or other important notes or documents in Google drives. Gmail allows to send file and folder in the specific range, but it also allows the large size of file and folder to attach your Google drive.

You have to spend less amount of information than Google drive to observe less loading time. After that, you have to send a high or big amount of data or documents than Google drive to observe more loading time.

8. Google provides a number of text format features:

If you send any important information from one place to another place or your friends then you can send information in any text format. These test format can be as italic, bold, information to set length or breadth according to a page, in build headers and footers etc.

9.Any image upload:

you can send any information through email and also send with any images or funny sticker. You can send the only image through email then loading processing time observe less, but images size is too small as compared to longer images.