Gmail not working-fix it-[Gmail issues] all in one

You all have a good chance, whenever your Gmail not working you can fix the Gmail issues in all in one — Do you want to know how to overcome this problem? let’s have a look at how all done.

Firstly, Gmail is one of the most popular webmail and email service provider used worldwide. The webmail and email service are developed and maintained by Google.

It is also possible to you can access not only webmail but also a Google application with a single Gmail account. Google application like Google Drive, Google+ & youtube much more you can access.

However, when we access the official webmail site on some web browser like a window. The user experience that error message. Some several reasons have occurred that is why this error message is shown.

Fix all the Gmail issues {one by one}

There are many issues are generated when we use Gmail account and some list of issues that are given below. We discuss and cover all topic in brief.

The Gmail not working

A Gmail SMTP not working

The Gmail not working with outlook

The Gmail not working on android

Gmail forwarding not working

The Gmail not working on iPhone

Gmail notification not working

The Gmail filters not working

Gmail attachment is not working

The Gmail not working in chrome

Gmail not working in firefox

1. The Gmail not working

Sometimes Gmail accounts are not working, Gmail not syncing, Gmail account not updating, Gmail sync error, Gmail not receiving emails and unable to access Gmail account why?

Some technical issues are created or generated problem due to the region Gmail not working. And these are the most common issues which are faced by every third person of Gmail user. There are many lots of reason that Gmail does not work properly that is why user suffer that problem.

They don’t know why Gmail account problems are coming and they also unable to resolve Gmail sync error and Gmail issues problems.

Some issues occur when Gmail not working and have a solution to fix it

Problems are:

  • You are not able to send your emails.
  • Not able to receive emails.
  • Emails are not loading.
  • When you sync your account you see errors occurring.
  • Gmail inbox does not update.
  • New email notification is not seen.
  • Gmail sync issue.

Resolution is:

  • Check your internet connection is proper or not.
  • Check the storage capacity have normal space.
  • Keep your Gmail account secure.
  • Keep turn on Gmail notifications.
  • Clear cache and cookies.

If you have any issue or any problem like Gmail login issue to take Gmail help to start your Gmail account login and Gmail inbox, we will help you to find the solution and remove overall errors and resolve them.

One more option, If you are still not satisfied then you can also contact us on the Gmail support number.

2. A Gmail SMTP not working

 Simple mail transfer protocol(SMTP) is an electronic mail transmission or an electronic mail server. SMTP server is a medium to transfer the send and receive mail messages. SMTP now also work as other mail transfer agent.

The SMTP communication between mail servers that they use TCP port 25. TLS is a medium to secure the SMTP connection after that, this is known as SMTPS. The outgoing server name is SMTP, we use server.

Gmail SMTP host is more useful for mail transfer. Every system has a unique SMTP host.

You have the decision of having Google store and document the messages you send by methods for its SMTP server, so the aggregate of your sent messages will be feasible and upheld up on Google’s servers.

Google’s SMTP server does not use and support the Gmail SMTP Port 25, then SMTP server will reduce your possibility that an ISP may dismiss your email or flag it as SPAM.

Server problem:

Despite the fact that uncommon, Google’s monstrous servers can, every now and then, go down for support. Gmail utilizes the same server from SMTP, so in the event that you can’t get to your email on the Web, you won’t have the capacity to get to it on Outlook or your phone.

On the off chance that you get an error message allowing to a “period out” or “server incidentally inaccessible,” hold up for a minute, and after that have a go at signing in to your record through a Web program to check whether it’s available. Gmail takes a wait an hour prior to attempting again if your record is disconnected.

Resolution to fix SMTP server errors:

It shows SMTP server error why? It can be caused by an error in your email client program’s setup during the outgoing mail server. Firstly you correct that errors and you need to check your mistake in your username, password, server authentication or server address when attempting to send an email.

Verify your SMTP server settings

  1. Log in your Gmail account on the web.
  2. Tap on “Gear setting” icon and choose “settings”.
  3. Click on “Forwarding an account on the web”.
  4. Scroll down and click on “Configuration instructions.”
  5. After you show that a link is labeled, click on “Ok, confirm my settings.”
  6. Then you can be done you SMTP setting.

3. The Gmail not working with outlook

Microsoft Outlook is an awesome email customer that enables clients to utilize different email accounts from one window. Be that as it may, a few people frequently get a errors or mistake while including a Gmail account.

In the event that Microsoft Outlook can’t associate with Gmail and continues requesting a secret word at whatever point you try to include another Gmail account, you are not the only one. This issue additionally occurs with an as of now included record. Here are a few proposals that can enable you to take care of this issue.

Solution: Gmail configure to outlook

  1. Go to “Outlook account”, open the file menu.
  2. Click on “Info tab”.
  3. And click “Add account”.
  4. Click “Manual setup or Additional server types” and then click on “Next”.
  5. Select “POP or IMAP” and then click “Next”.
  6. Go for user Information section, you need to enter your name and email address which you will desire.
  7. Then click on “More setting”.
  8. Tap on “Outgoing server tab”.
  9. click check box “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication”.
  10. Tap on “Advanced tab” on the navigation bar.
  11. Then you need to adjust the server setting. IAMP- SSL and SMTP-TLS.
  12. Click on “Ok”.
  13. Check your setting then click “Next”.
  14. Outlook checks your account setting then click “Close”, after that click on “Finish”.
  15. If you want to change the App security then you may open your “Google app menu”, then select “My account”.
  16. Navigate “Sign-in & security”and then select the “Connected apps & sites”.
  17. Scroll down and turn on the “Allow less secure apps”.

4. The Gmail not working on android

Gmail is an exceptionally recognizable name and the greater part of us have full of information about its highlights features, administrations, issues.

In any case, numerous a times we stall out when we try to get to Gmail account on our android phones. When we try to sync the mail but Gmail does not sync android phones.

So at whatever point Gmail Not Working issues happen on the clients android phones, they should simply take after specific advances in order to follow the specific issue at the earliest opportunity.

Solution to fix that problem:

After you attempt every one of the following advances, it’s great to check if the issue is settled. Along these lines, you can appropriately figure out what issue caused the underlying issue on the off chance that it turns into an issue once more.

Make sure you download the latest version of Gmail app on android phone

In case you’re having the phase trouble sending or accepting mail at that point it’s conceivable it could be an issue with the form you’re running on the Gmail application. You can download the most recent Gmail refresh for Android.

Restart your Android device

This is the best solution but if you work on site that tab will close. This step will help you to remove app bugs.

Check your phone storage space capacity unit and clear the unless space

If you are troubling this problem you need to sync your Gmail account. If you are running out of storage capacity, then it will slow down your device.

  • You can make more space, you may to delete some useless file.
  • Uninstall apps that which you do not need.
  • You can also delete downloaded file from a device that you don’t need anymore.

Check your phone settings

  • You check your Gmail notification is on or not.
  • Check Gmail sync settings.
  • Turn off flight mode.

Gmail password should be valid

If you are signing your Gmail account, then the error message shown: like invalid credentials and not accept your username and password.

  • Enter correct username and password.
  • You can use 2-step verification, then sign in using an app password instead of your regular password.

Clear the Gmail cache memory on your phone

You can clear your Gmail cache memory like erase your mail drafts, Gmail signature, and other settings. If the above steps didn’t work then after you apply this step.

  • Open your phone’s settings.
  • Go to Gmail-app.
  • Tap Gmail and clear data- ok.
  • Restart your device.

5.Gmail forwarding not working

Gmail has a superb feature where the client can forward his messages to another record. This feature allows you to forward the entirety of your messages to some other record naturally.

In any case, with the comfort of sending the messages effortlessly, a client may likewise face some unavoidable troubles when their Gmail sending not working.

The programmed has an automatically forward feature of Gmail. Gmail has a lot of features that they offering to its client making his work faster than regular. It expends brief period and furthermore requires a little undertaking to impart a specific data to a group of different contacts.

The client additionally has the choice of choosing the messages that he wishes to impart to others by picking on the double or just a chosen few. Additionally one can choose multiple contact alternatives with whom he can share the data effectively.

Solution to fix the problem on the system.

Some steps are followed, that is given below  

  • Firstly to sign in to Gmail account.
  • Make sure your Gmail username and password should be correct which you provide.
  • At the top of right side of the screen near the profile picture, click on “Gear icon”.
  • Scroll down and go to the “Setting option” and then click on them.
  • After that, select the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab.
  • To fix the problem and filter them, you may click on “Add forwarding address”.
  • You need an email address that you want to forward your message.
  • And you can also Create a new filter for also forward only them user.
  • You can only permit those users to whom you want to forward messages.

6. The Gmail not working on iPhone

Nowadays, mostly user has a lot of courage to use Apple iPhone but if the Gmail does not work properly and show some errors regarding mail not forward, send or receive etc. This type of trouble the user remain to hurt and they try to solve that problem but they fail to get a solution.

We can understand that problem which you are suffering from. This situation is irritating you when you put correct username or password after that Gmail not open due to a server issue.

When you urgently check your email at that time Gmail stopped working some technical problem. This problem actually happened to another user.

Some common issues generate when Gmail not working on iPhone like:

  • Unable to send mail while delivering the message.
  • Due to server error, you cannot receive mail.
  • Username and password are incorrect.
  • Unable to connect using SSL.
  • Stop responding IMAP server.

Solution to fix the problem:

Delete your Gmail account from iPhone and reload it

Delete account from iPhone, it means you erase anything that you save and setup. But it is right you will again set up the record. When you set up the account again, you will recover and get back of your message again.


  • Open your Gmail app and go to the settings.
  • Tap on the mail, contacts, calendars.
  • Tap on Gmail option.
  • Then you tap on “Delete Account” which is shown in red color.

Check IMAP is enabled on your iPhone

Gmail uses IMAP feature for mail exchange process. IMAP is a technology that is used to help with mail transfer. One more reason that Gmail not working properly due to IMAP is disabled in your Gmail.

When IMAP is disabled, you cannot access your account like you cannot receiving and sending emails. The solution is that you need to enable IMAP. Some rules are here how to enable the IMAP to follow the steps

  • Open your Gmail account and log in your username and password.
  • Select the “Settings” option and tap on it.
  • Click on “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab.
  • Check at the bottom, IMAP is enabled or not.

Check recent device on Google

Due to this reason Gmail not working, check your recent device. You need to go “device activity & security events” and check recent device activity.

  • Sign in your google account.
  • At the top right corner, go to the profile icon and choose “My account”.
  • Go for “Device activity & security events” option and then click them.
  • Then refresh your mail on iPhone and get resolve your problem.

Confirm Your iPhone User’s Access

Check your complete details alerts in your Gmail. Here to follow the steps.

  • Sign in your Gmail account on your Apple iPhone device.
  • In iPhone device, the pop-up asking for download the app you skip that and click on the “mobile Gmail site”.
  • You can check any box like “Someone has your password” or “we blocked a sign-in attempt”. In this manner, click on the link “review your device now” which is blue in color. After that, you fix the issue.

Confirm the CAPTCHA reset

Reset the captcha that immediately opens some of Google’s security highlights to enable new gadgets to associate with Gmail effectively.

To finish the CAPTCHA reset, make a Google’s CAPTCHA reset page and utilize your username and watchword to sign in. Next, utilize your iPad or iPhone to sign in to your Gmail account.

At marking it should work this time, and Google will now recall your gadget so it doesn’t get blocked in future.

7.Gmail notification not working

Gmail notification is really helpful to notify you regarding mail and one new option is here it also notifies you a high priority notification. But the reason is that sometimes Gmail not notify you due to some reason like

  • Slow Internet problem.
  • When Gmail notification off.
  • When your device battery is off.

Solution :

  • Check your internet connection, in fact, the connection is slow then the notification is not working, internet connection should be 3G or 4G.
  • You need to check your Gmail notification if notification is off you turn on it.

Steps how to get Gmail notifications on system

  • Go to the gear icon in Gmail account.
  • Click on the drop-down arrow and click on setting option.
  • Tap on the General tab.
  • Under the desktop notification, click on the “click here to enable desktop notification for Gmail”.
  • A message will appear, you select the allow option whereby show the desktop notification.  

Some steps how to get Gmail notifications on the phone

  • Go to gear icon on the Gmail app.
  • Scroll down and then click on settings option.
  • Click on your mail address which you want to come alert notification.
  • Tick mark on notification option.
  • You may click on “Inbox sound & vibrate”.
  • And click on the check box “Notify for every message”.

After that, you see all notification message.

One more issue seems when you leave your phone anywhere or at home without charging it. For that reason, your phone will not notify your important message. This issue is known as battery optimization. You should need to turn off battery optimization for Gmail.

On your phone, you get a caution each time when a new Gmail message arrives. when you’re working away at your Windows PC, just observe new messages when you’re currently looking at your inbox.

Luckily, You also use simple extension to get the notification on desktop. you need to install an extension. You can get cautions that fly up in your framework plate, regardless of whether your Chrome program is shut.

Some steps follow for how to “add Gmail notifier extension”.

  • In the Chrome extension store, search for “Gmail notifier”.
  • Click on the Gmail Notifier page.
  • To click on “Add to Chrome”.
  • And then click on “Add”, for confirming that extension.
  • Click on the extension icon and sign in to your Gmail account.

After that, it will show the Gmail notification on the desktop.

8. The Gmail filters not working

Using the Gmail filter, you can deal with your incoming mail. What’s more, that incoming mail, you can send email to a label, delete, or archive, or consequently forward your mail.

For that, you have to make a channel. You can naturally move your messages from essential contacts into a priority queue. Find old messages, and bunch deletes them to free up space in your post box. A few Gmail filter are required for all of you.

The Gmail filter is not working due to some settings problems and some connection issues or technical issues.



Way to create a filter in Gmail Account

  1. Go to the Gmail search box and click on the down arrow.
  2. It appears multiple options for filter criteria.
    • To: Filter emails that should send to a specific email address.
    • Subject: Filter emails that should use a specific subject line.
    • Has the words: Filter those emails which contain particular keywords.
    • Doesn’t have: Filter those emails which don’t contain specified keywords.
    • Has attachment: Filter emails that include an attachment.
    • Don’t include chats: Just Ignore the Hangouts chats when you applying filters.
    • Size: Filter emails size larger or smaller than a specific size.
  3. You can select the filter and then click on the “Create filter with this search” link.
  4. Now the filter is created.

Alternate method: you can also create a filter by going to setting option.

9. The Gmail attachment is not working

Solution to fix the Gmail attachment error:

Some Gmail users have found that the Attach documents option in Gmail doesn’t usually work. Whenever they strive to connect a file to an email, Gmail returns an error message stating, “Attachment failed.

This may also be due to a proxy or firewall.” Consequently, they can’t attach documents to emails. Here are a few conceivable fixes for the “Attachment failed” issue.

You can use Gmail in another browser

  • First, check the file attachment whether is working correctly on another browser or not.
  • Open your Gmail on that browser and then attach the file in compose mail.
  • You can use such a useful browser like chrome, firefox, internet explorer and safari also, Gmail only supports them.

Update the browser which you are work

Make sure you should use the latest version of the browser. Mostly errors have occurred when Gmail attachment used in outdated browsers. You need to update the Google chrome

  • Click on the Customize Google Chrome button to open the browser’s menu,
  • Select the Help option About Google Chrome to open the tab which is shown below.
  • The browser will automatically download with updates.
  • After then click on Relaunch to restart the browser.

You need to disable the proxy server

You can fix this error by turning off the web browser proxy on window 10.

  • In the window 10 taskbars, click on the Cortana button and search for the internet option in the search box and select them.
  • Automatically window will appear a page in below.
  • Click on the connection tab.
  • Tap on the LAN setting button.
  • Unmark the “Use a proxy server for your LAN” setting and click on “Ok” button.

Update your flash plug-in

Gmail attachment should be using flash. The attachment should not be upload on the oldest version. So check, you have used the latest version of flash.

  • After installation, click on the “Customize Google Chrome” and select the setting.
  • For advance option, you need scroll down the setting page.
  • Otherwise, you click settings and select the flash to open
  • Select the allow sites to run the Flash.

Switch off the firewalls

firewall issue is responsible for attachment error that’s why Failed error message occur. You need to check the firewall should be disabled and have a look at how to disable them.

  • For run the firewall, you click on the “Win key + R hotkey”.
  • Enter the “firewall.cpl” in that open box.
  • Press the ok button
  • Now click “Turn windows firewall on or off”.
  • Select both of “Turn off window firewall” in Customize setting section.
  • Then press the “Ok” button.
  • Third-party antivirus software” also have on the firewall.
  • Right, click on antivirus software’s notification icon for switch off the third party firewall.
  • And select the turn off option.

10.Gmail not working in chrome

Most of the people use Google’s Chrome browser because chrome browser being more faster and smaller than Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. That is the reason people use Google Chrome.

This is more shocking when Gmail wouldn’t load in chrome. But it is easily open in Internet Explorer and another browser. Some thread is generated that is why Gmail go slow down.

But till now, it appears that Google engineer does not find the solution why Gmail not working in Chrome.


  • Update your Google Chrome browser.
  • Clear your browser cookies and cache.  
  • Clear browsing data cache images file.
  • Check your system’s date and time and browser extension.
  • Scan your system to protect from virus and trojan.
  • Disable your proxy setting.
  • Detect troubleshooting.

Steps to follow for a fix that problem in the window:

  • Go to “Google Chrome browser”.
  • Click three dots icon which is at the top right corner of the browser or window .
  • Scroll down and click on “Option”.
  • Click on the “Clear browsing data” button.
  • select the items you want to delete.
  • Click “Clear browsing data” again.

If you are window 10 user then you can follow this steps:

Browser use as a private or Incognito:

  • Open your Chrome browser.
  • Click on “New Incognito Window” which is at the top right corner of the window.
  • New private Window is open.
  • You can apply shortcut key: press ctrl+shift+n to open an incognito window.

Disable Gmail labs

Ultimately you can understand that problem when you turn on the labs and open Gmail. After you disable the lab you can find out which one is creating a problem. How to disable the labs follow the steps.

  • Open your Gmail page.
  • At the top right corner of the screen, click on the “Setting icon” and select settings.
  • Click on the “Labs” tab.
  • If you have enabled any labs, select “Disable”.
  • And Click on the save changes at the bottom.

Reset your Google chrome browser

  • Open your chrome browser.
  • Click on the three-dot button.
  • At the bottom, click settings.
  • Click advanced settings.
  • At the bottom section, click Reset.
  • Click reset settings for confirmation.

Flush socket pools

Open the google chrome browser and type for search, chrome://net-internals in the URL bar

  • Click the Export button.
  • Scroll down to Sockets.
  • Select Flush Socket Pools.
  • Try loading Gmail again.

11.Gmail not working in Firefox


Unfortunately, sometimes happen Gmail not working in Mozilla Firefox. Due to some genuine problem it happen and need to solve it.

  • Try to clean cookies.
  • Firefox update is needed.
  • Clear the Firefox cache.
  • Use to try the new incognito window.
  • To clean firefox history.

Some setups are given below you need to follow

Remove the Firefox History 

  • Open your Firefox browser.
  • At the top right side, click on three horizontal line.
  • Go to the firefox history> clear recent history.

Clear the cache

  • Click on three horizontal line.
  • Click on the “Option”.
  • Select the “Advanced option”.
  • Click on “Network > cached web content”
  • And you can clear now.

Remove the cookies

  • Click on three horizontal line.
  • Click on the “Option”.
  • Select the privacy.
  • click Use custom settings.
  • You go for cookies and click “Show cookies”.

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