iOS gets- (AI-Based) high priority notification on Gmail App

Currently a few days ago, the latest update news is viral that is iOS gets- (AI-Based) high priority notification on Gmail app. Google has introduced a new feature for iOS on your Gmail app. We know very well Google always launch latest updated feature for iOS and Android users towards in Gmail as high priority notification.

But this new features are only for iOS and is currently available for iOS version. And Google has also said this feature introduced for the Gmail Android app as well but no timeline has been shown.  For high priority notification for iOS, Apple (iOS) use the AI features.

Let talk about the latest update of iOS gets AI-based high priority notification on Gmail app. It means Gmail app only send you the important notification on the iOS screen. This important notification is useful if you have time to read them. The important emails are coming and it will shown as a notification.

And if you have above 100 times of notifying that notification. The chances are less to check it again and again. High priority notification provides less disturbance. So we discuss that how it will be and how the process will work in detail with one by one.

Lets know about how ML and AI use in Apple (iOS)

Apple has some bullish on introducing Leveraging machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. The Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence. It gives a computer ability to learn from data and implement a program with use of statistical techniques.

In computer science, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is intelligent agents which work on system software. And it performs an action to change some internal techniques and then successfully achieving its goal.

This two method (ML) and (AI) is the most important helping factor in Gmail for iOS. For clarifying the collection of important emails. And then send you high priority notification only when the emails are important for you and reach your inbox.

This new feature helps you to get alerts from spam emails and some news updates. The latest update is randomly updated on server-side change. This features also introduce an Android device but after some time in future.

The iOS update is recently updated and more user wants to know that this new features but how through the announce as a blog post they know more about the feature. Blog posting is the better idea to introduce and viral that new-new updates for the user to know that the updates.  

Some trick to know about “How to get a high priority notification on emails”

Follow the rules which are listed below

1. Go to your iOS “Gmail app” and then tap on it.

2. Tap on the “Three Horizontal Line”.

  • The three horizontal line display on the app screen on the top of left side of the corner.

3. Scroll down at the bottom of the app and go to the “Setting Option”.

  • For the new smart notification feature, select the option “High priority only”
  • For High priority, the only option goes to the notification which is listed on the drop-down in the setting menu of your iOS Gmail app.
  • The Gmail app also notifies you about the latest change for notification.
  • Lets try for new notification, the Gmail show the notification on the iOS desktop screen as a “Try notifications for only your high priority email”.

4. Tap on “Turn on” option.


  • The two option are visible on screen first is “Turn on” and second is “No thanks
  • The turn-on option is the tap for generating high priority notification and when you tap on No thanks option it will not show the notification.
  • This app will also offer you this feature option as by default on the screen when you start up after the update.

Its a server-side change and this new feature will be rolled out to the user after one to three days. If you take savor this new feature you will need the latest version of Gmail for iOS to get the smart notification feature.


The new update is iOS gets (AI-Based) high priority notification on the Gmail app. This feature uses a trick to know about the notification. But not only a notification, this will be known how we get high priority notification with help of artificial intelligence.

This high priority notification will show you an important email notification but not show you all mail notification. This is a better notification when the important mail is generated then they notify you as a reminder. It a good trick and this will not disturb you again and again for all mail.

I had explain this trick with easy way as in you will understand better. A good thought is that “when we read clear then we understand better”. So I hope you will read this blog completely then you will understand better and happy you get the notification. Thanks for visiting.

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