Manage your Gmail and Google privacy settings [guide]

According to Alexa rankings, Google is a most popular and visited website which fulfill the searcher or user intent. Google has itself a very vast and heavy collection of information. There are number of ways through which users crucial information can be leaked or stolen. That’s why google provide a Privacy feature to secure and manage the user.

People can set up and manage the Gmail and Google’s privacy settings easily by their own. Lots of people want to know how to set their Gmail and Google privacy settings. But most of them don’t know how to set the Gmail and Google’s privacy settings and ways to manage it.

Google has more privacy policy features which makes user happy and create interest to use the Google more. Did you want to set up or manage the Gmail and Google’s privacy settings? You all have come to the right place to secure and manage your Gmail and Google’s privacy checkup.

Some privacy policy terms are

What is privacy policy? Its a contract between two people such as you and your company. In other words, It guarantees you that these organization protect your information from unauthorized access.

An organization and a company like Google that has a huge amount of your informational data from email or photographs to recordings videos or documents are safe because of these privacy policies.

Many people use Gmail for their email service. Also you can use Google’s products in an internet browser or through an email customer. You use @gmail address and also you can use your website domain address in Google Apps for Work.

When you use Google for email services and other products like you tube, google play store for search, you have the option to protect your information through various security features.

Ways to set up Google privacy settings

Google has many tools to check and update your security settings for both gmail and other products. In this article we will let you know that how to set up and manage the Google security checkup on your system. You will also learn how to change or update security settings Google account.And also we will discuss about how Google’s and Gmail Security Checkups work.

Now you have to visit Google Account for managing your privacy settings and as well as other additional settings related to security. When you open this site the security page will open.

  1. Sign-in & security.
  2. Personal info & privacy.
  3. Account preferences.

& security:

  • You can change and update your password
  • You can manage your google account access.

Personal info & privacy:

  • You can change or update the visibility settings.
  • You can also manage the data you use to personalize your experience

Account preferences:

You can manage your account settings such as payment methods, languages, & storage options.

Now you have to perform the security set up actions. If you want to secure your account then you have to perform these below given actions:

  1. Sign-in & Security.
  2. Security Checkup.
  3. Privacy Checkup.
  4. My Activity.

#Sign-in & security
Signing in to Google

Password & sign-in method

Follow the steps to secure your account:

  • Login to your account and Open google account.
  • Click on password to change your password.
  • Click on 2 step verification to turn on the security.
  1. if it already turn on then add an extra  security layer
  2. You can also add any other method to secure your account.
  • Click on App password to set up a password for particular on any devices.

Account recovery options

It will use when you forgot or lost your password and want to recover your password. You can these recovery options to restore your account by following these steps.

  • Click on recovery email and add a recovery email through which you want to recover your account in future.
  • Click on recovery phone to add a recovery phone number which will be used in future to recover your account.

Device activity & security events

You can review Recent security events and Recently used devices.

  • you can Review security events from the past 28 days by clicking on Review Events.
  • Check when and where specific devices have accessed your account by clicking on Review Devices.

Apps with account access:

It tracks your apps and services which give access to of your gmail account. It records when you login in an app or website with your gmail account and also on which website you save the password in chrome browser to automatically sign in.

  • You can also remove an app which you no longer use or trust from Apps with access to your account.
  • You also have rights to remove the saved password from Saved passwords by clicking on manage passwords.

#Security checkup

Security checkup protects your information by reviewing your security settings and activities in few minutes. You can follow these steps to review your security checkups.

  • Open Gmail and Login to your account
  • Click on profile picture at the top right corner and then click on Google Account.
  • Now scroll down the page and You can see Security Checkup.
  • Click on Get Started.
  • Now you can review your security settings and activity.
  • If you did not set up any level of security then do it by following on screen instructions.

You have to review following functions

  • Your devices
  1. Just tap on your devices.
  2. You can see here the device which you have signed in.
  3. If you see any unauthorized device then click on Don’t recognise a device?
  4. Now change your password with a strong password.
  • Recent security events
  1. Click on Recent security events.
  2. You can see here recent activity which you have perform.
  3. If any unusual security events are occur then you will be notified.
  • Sign-in & recovery
  1. Tap on Sign-in & recovery.
  2. You can see here all the verification methods.
  3. If any suspicious activity is detected in your account these methods will verify you.
  • Third-party access
  1. Tap on Third-party access.
  2. It will show you the apps or websites which have access of your account.

If you’re seeing any yellow cautioning circle it means you need to set up or review your activity and security setting. For example: if you seeing yellow cautioning circle on 2 step verification then you have to open it and review it why this caution appearing. It may be because of security level means you have to add an extra layer of security. It necessary in case if you lost your phone then it will help you to recover your account.

#Privacy checkup

Login to your account and Open google account.

  • Click on profile picture at the top right corner and then click on Google Account.
  • Now scroll down the page and You can see Privacy Checkup.
  • Click on Get Started. And then click Start Now.
  • Now you can restrict your all activities which has been seen to anybody.

Personalize your Google experience

  1. You can manage your web and app activity
  2. Manage your location history
  3. You can manage your device information
  4. Your voice & audio activity also manage
  5. Manage your youtube search history
  6. You can manage your youtube watch history

Manage what you share on YouTube

  1. You can manage your Likes and subscriptions
  2. Manage your YouTube activity feed
  3. Change Video privacy
  4. Update Playlist privacy

Help people connect with you

This section protects you to get a call from unusual users. It will hide your contact number on google thats why people never contact you and discover you for unusual things.

Choose what Google+ profile information you share with others

You can choose what information you want to hide from another users and what information you want to keep public. You can also choose who can see your information from your contacts.

Make ads more relevant to you

You can select ads based on your interests, age and gender which will shown to you. You can still see ads but those are not much relevant.

  • Tap the symbol beside any themes
  • flip up to turn off any personalization

#My Activity

  • Login to your account and Open google account.
  • Click on profile picture at the top right corner and then click on Google Account.
  • Now scroll down the page and You can see My Activity.
  • Click on Go to My Activity

You can see all of your activities you performed in past days. It will kept all your activity history which only you can see this.