10 Reasons Why Users Prefer Outlook Over Gmail At Work

Gmail outlook is an email providing software by Microsoft. It enables users sending and receiving email via internet facility on their computer. Outlook mainly divides two version; Microsoft outlook and Microsoft outlook expression. Microsoft outlook is an available commercial product or package. This provides a much more full-time program with additional features but not found a free addition.

Gmail is a Google mail, it was established on April 1st, 2004. It is a free web-based email service provide by Google for send and receive emails through internet. It was widely used for “cover the long distance and to communicate from one place to another place via internet facility”. Gmail has provided one people to open only two accounts only on one phone number.

Some reasons why users prefer outlook to Gmail for work

1.Offline access to email:

This is most widely used for the number of users go through Gmail account. Our discussion is being able to work on email and see the weather condition they are connected to the internet. Outlook most of working them during a journey. While the connection is re-establish then email is sent automatically.

You can access your Gmail outlook and respond to them or you can search any query or keyword to archive online. This extension to run at startup synchronization to all mail for offline usages. That is a way this outlook is more popular as compared to another one.

2.Integration across email:

Email is the primary path to communication one users to another user through the internet. Integration email is more effective to communicate at work get done. Outlook use to whether is a setup meeting, find any information about a contact, dialing into conference calls or jump into the important task.

Outlook is their hub through sending or receiving email or any other important information. Microsoft outlook is an available commercial product or package. This provides a much more full-time program with additional features but not found a free addition.

3.Categorize used for email:

Gmail has provided new features and tricks day by day to used daily life. Some new category to aware that like Gmail new version to classify:

  • Primary: This category of a used simplex conversation (only two people to meet each other) if don’t appear as third party person.
  • Social: Full duplex conversation in which used this category like as to communicate organized and group or many friends with a social platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc).
  • Promotion: It can use for social marketing platform to meet with a client and fix deal, offers, and marketing email etc.
  • Updates: It can use for personal and professional life to used auto-generated email and receipt, confirmation, bills and other statements etc.

4.Mail track:

It is the free tracking chrome extension to always see if your messages have been seen. Mail track is the longer platform to perform a beneficial activity and promises exactly that. Any users seen your messages then just look for double green check mark then read the text messages. Click the messages and you will read how to see your messages for a long time and was it. You can delete Mail track and you can go history and delete daily report etc.

5.Multiple ways to find the email to one account:

Users need multiple options to find the email address. Any user can create more than two accounts for the single phone number. If you can create more accounts then logged in to more than one Gmail account at the same time. There is no need for one account is login than open another account. Mainly some users to use more than one account for business purpose or sharing important information from one place to another place.

6.Integration calendar and contacts:

This is the most important features to provided by users. The calendar used as a remember function to display on the below of screen. “Google is providing the calendar to display on your below of left email inbox”. If you have to meet other person and fix meeting or appointment than you can use this email secret. These organizations to their employees and decided that Office 365 days (one year) was the right choice to keep it their organization productive and satisfied with our users and customer.

7.Organized email:

A number of users work this way, not an all users to use organized mail. This way sort some files and folders problems alphabetically not another. Users are limiting way to the organized email use through Gmail. There are only use for labels of organized email. If you can send any information or idea to share with friends and another businessman than you can create one group and organization. After creating this group then messages are sending or receiving alternatively.

8.Flag changing the importance of email:

Outlook in which make surely use flag to quick attention. It can send any messages then receiver to give your messages then Gmail flag automatically to make “red exclamation mark in email inbox” while composing email they are enabled to get the right priority. Email is the more important platform to send and receive email or internet through communication from one place to another place, sent images, video, GIF etc.

9.Rules and regulation to reduce email clutter:

It can create rules and regulation to move the specific item and different folder. This clutter to used for removing extra messages for your email in which each and every folder. Gmail is yet to have this facility.

10.Scheduling meeting rooms:

Outlook to give these option in Gmail account such as give meeting room, project room etc. This can be done by meeting and resources to send out a meeting request. Gmail is the long winding and multi-step process which involve primary and secondary mail.